Pulling USA 2 App Reviews

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Needs work

Would have given 5 stars however my screen shuts on and off during gameplay. I have a brand new phone and it doesn’t do this during any other games so I’m not sure if it’s a glitch or what not.


I really love the game, it makes time go bye. I think you guys should make the tires wrinkle up like the real tractor pull tractors. I think that would make the game even more realistic than it is. The game is really great. Thanks

Sounds won’t work

I love this game so far but the sounds don’t work for me :/

Console game

Will this game ever come to a console like PS4 or XBOX

Farm tractors

You should put a farm class in the game

Needs a floating finish!

The game is fantastic but the option for a floating finish would make it better. The floating finish would be whoever pulls farthest automatically wins which would eliminate having to pull twice to still win the same amount of money.

Make more

Make more tractors and and green and red

Epic Game

I really love the game. I would like to see more tractors and trucks but my only problem is my trucks and tractors wont steer to the left or right. How do I fix that. Yes I am

Good but could be better

Don’t get me wrong this is a great game to kill time. It is though basically the same thing as the pervious Pulling USA with different vehicles. Something I was hoping to see with this newer version of the game some vehicle customization and a little more variety of trucks and tractors. But all in all this is a great game

Not worth money

Sounds are the same as the previous game, very little has changed except for removal of powerful vehicles and addition of less powerful ones. If you accidentally click sell on your fully upgraded tractor, you're awarded with no confirmation message and the original factory price of your tractor is refunded. All of your progress is effectively deleted. Great feature! I do not recommend this game in its current state, which would easily pass as early access if it wasn't obvious that it's just a copy paste sequel.

Selling a vehicle

It would be nice that when you sell a vehicle, you get how much much it’s worth with the upgrades, and not just the original purchase price. Love the Midnight Gambler in the 2WD Trucks.


Maybe put a confirmation button when selling a vehicle! Pretty much BS to lose a vehicle you just maxed out by accidentally hitting sell...

So awesome best pulling game around.

hell ya all, i gotta say. Maybe add online and the ability to bet other than that this is perfect.

update maybe?

i absolutely love this game i also loved the first one and lt reminds me alot of summer when i watch my dad pull, i would love to see a an update where you customize the trucks like maybe pillar gauge pods,wheels,exhaust,hoods,maybe older style trucks ex:im a big dodge fan and would love to see a second gen, and third gen truck..anyway love the game and keep up the good work.


Can’t seem to get first place period because it tells me “pull off”. Not sure if that is a normal part of the game or not but it’s made 1st place almost unreachable.


Add more levels for pulling on but so far I love the game

Awesome games!!

Really enjoying this game! Something I wish was added is Since the modifieds don’t use a clutch how about making it to where if too much throttle is applied too early we’d lose traction , that would make it feel like we accomplished more. I was a little disappointed when I brought a modified because there less to do driving the tractor.. Also is there a way to lock the camera angles so we don’t have to change it each pull ??

Not worth it

Waste of $3. All they did was rework the graphics from the first game. No gameplay improvements. The garage is exactly the same, the tractors and trucks are the same, the tracks are the same. No customization, no real excitement. Pretty sure the massive amount of 5 star reviews are either paid reviews or 6 year old kids.


Really love the game and all the vehicle options but you should add a farm stock class light pro stock class and a hot farm class and an indoor track with a smoke tube and decent details also speed up some of the classes like mini mods compact diesels blown 2 and 4 wheelers they just seem really slow compared to other classes and add a 6030 John Deere pro stock called river rat. ps the turbine tractors turbines are backwards.

Needs work

Nice game but I feel it could use some additions. I think truck and tractor sounds are basically the same. The new hollands and internationals sound the exact same. All gas vehicals sound the same exc. also there should be like a view of how the other pullers do maybe from a crowd audience. Like after your pull u watch the others pull and u can use the same camera changes like u can when you pull. Also maybe there should be more options to customize vehicals: like maybe second gen first gen third gen cumins exc or 7.3 6.0 6.7 exc powerstrokes and choose the tire width length and paint color and more . I feel these would be really cool changes

Great Game

An excellent game. You guys should add in a feature to do indoor pulling along with the option to customize the tractors

Love it!

When’s the next update?! New additions coming soon?


Another thing that would be nice is that you can chose we’re you want the sled to be at the starting line.


Really good game. A lot of noticeable improvements over the 1st game. Looking forward to more updates. Maybe better throttle and clutch response. Very hard to bump the clutch and build boost on the line. Also maybe be able to customize the trucks some? Wheels, paint, exhaust ETC.

Fun game

I really like this game, one thing I would like to see is more upgrade options as well as the option to build your own puller as far as looks and parts used. Also would love to see more classes and options for tractors and trucks in the game. Also how about a 4x4 stock farm tractor class like the tractors used in farms. Overall a really nice game though!👍🏼

Ideas and wondering about a new update

When will the pro stocks and compacts be available in a update version I would also like to see some allis charmers tractors. Also some hot farm and alt farm tractors. I’ve been around this sport my whole life so Iam pretty much aware of everything about it. Also would like to see start with a hot farm or super farm then build it into a class u want and move up if u wanna build it to a super stock u can or stay in as a super farm or light pro there’s many options u can do

Definitely an upgrade from Pulling USA 1

I love the 2nd game. Graphics are amazing. Smoke is awesome. This game is definitely an upgrade from the 1st. Only thing I’d say is to add a little more customization options. Change the color of the truck, style/color of wheels, single stack or double stack. The biggest upgrade would be able to pull against other players. If you guys put a little more into this game, it could be so much better and fun to play. But definitely an awesome game worth the price!

Great pulling game!

Please add orange tractor for the allis fans! Thanks for the new game


Great game should add farm stock class 🤙🏼🤙🏼

Worse than the first one

I got this app thinking that it would be a better version of the original Pulling USA, but it isn’t even close to as good. They took away a lot of the tractors and didn’t change the pulling mechanics. If you like your money and your time, then this is not the app for you. This game is the biggest waste of money that I have ever bought on the App Store.

I love it

I absolutely love this game the only thing that would make it better is if you could buy a truck and trailer a house and a four wheeler or a gator or something like that and drive to where ever and be able to load/unload your truck or tractor and drive in the pits and drive over the scales and back up to sled then pull and then drive back to the trailer and get off the tractor or get out of the truck and watch others pull then get back in your truck and trailer and drive home.

Great game!!!

Awesome game. Graphics are way better then the first game. Love the new vehicles and tractors. Just wish there were some more tractor brands. Otherwise outstanding job on the new game!

Great Graphics

This game is definitely an upgrade in visuals and physics. A lot more polished and real feeling, worth the purchase for sure!

Awesome Game!!

You did an outstanding job at this game! It would be cool if there was a braking system for some of the classes and a camera view from inside the cab of the sled! Otherwise keep up the outstanding work! Definitely worth the money!!

Love it

It’s much better than the first one

Same as the first

Pretty much the same exact game as the first, only with upgraded sound and maybe a few new models of trucks Other than that it’s the first game, If you have the first game, don’t waste your money on this


This is a great pulling game! 😁

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